Dungeons and Dragons in the World of Warcraft

Panda Log, July 5th, 617

How I Know These Crazy Kids

I don’t often write down the things I do during my wonderings, but this one deserves to be recorded. It might not be the most interesting thing in the world, but I think it is the beginning of something much more exciting. My story starts in Orgimmar, where a lot of stories start: with a terrible headache and little memory of the night before.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I came to Orgimmar looking for a book. I honestly couldn’t tell you what the book was called or what it was about. I vaguely recall remember It being about dragons or possibly murlocks. I don’t even recall where I had heard about the book or why I even wanted to read it. All I really know is that I woke up on a ship to Orgimmar with what can only be described as a life threatening hangover and mission to find a book.

I arrived in Orgimmar in late June. It’s a beautiful town carved into twisting and winding canyons on the north side of the sunbaked red rocks of Durotar. The creatures of the Horde hustle and bustle about between the countless buildings built into the rock walls. The sounds of their daily businesses echoes off through the canyons creating a din that is unlike any other place I’ve been. The denizens there make you feel somehow incredibly welcome and at same time profoundly unsafe. I often found myself there having a jovial chat over a drink in a bar that needs to be half shouted over the clashing of fists and death throes of other patrons. It’s quite a town and I’m glad that my large size and novel appearance hides my complete and utter martial ineptitude. I would not like to be weak there, but I guess I can settle for just not appearing weak.

One night, a week or so after I arrived, I was sitting up late in the common room of the inn I was staying at reading a book, when I struck up a conversation with two goblins. They were twin brothers who I came to know as Blitz and Blotz. They were in Orgimmar under the employ of their uncle and were setting out on an expedition deep into the Barrens prospecting for precious metals. After chatting and drinking with them for some time, they came to the impression that I had some great knowledge of the area and that I would be a fine addition to the team. The rest of the night becomes a blur of more alcohol and something the Blitz and Blotz referred to as Slaad Powder, but I distinctly remember making an appointment to meet their uncle the next day.

So found myself at another bar the next day at an abominable hour. For some unknowable reason, their uncle wanted to meet early in the morning. I’m not exactly sure what his nephews told him but I think he was more expecting a wondering scholar sipping tea and smoking a pipe and not a mess of a Pandaren that was rapidly going from ‘still drunk’ to ‘near death’. This meeting with Fizook was even more of a blur than the night before with his nephews. The only things that stuck with me afterwards was that we were leaving Sunday night at eight from the airship docks and that we’d be gone for some time.

Slaad Powder is one powerful substance, so I spent the time until our departure recovering in my room at the inn. I found the goblins Sunday night at the airship docks. Fizook and his two nephews were there along with two other goblins I had not met. They introduced themselves as Gordon, the underwriter of the prospecting mission, and a surveyor that I completely forgot the name of. They told me they were waiting for the security professionals that they had hired to show. They also asked why I had not shown at the meeting where they planned our expedition early that day. This was apparently one of the things that I failed to remember in my broken state on our first encounter but they said it was alright as long as I was prepared for ‘early exit from the airship’. Not knowing what that meant and not wanting to further disappoint my goblin companions, I pretended that I knew what they were talking about and assured them that I was, indeed, prepared.

Our security showed not long after I did. There were six of them. Three elves, another goblin, a tauren, and a dog.



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